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How we work

The creation of visualization and animation is preceded by the creative process, in which, based on the investment strategy or product promotion, we create a message addressed to a specific target audience.

visualside | sesja kreatywna In addition, for the needs of the emerging 3D image, we design interiors, architecture and other components. The execution of the visualization process can be divided into several consecutive stages: modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering and post-production. Depending on the requirements, we implement all of these stages or we only work on selected tasks. visualside | proces pracy

3D modeling

Modeling is the process of creating three-dimensional counterparts of real objects, maintaining their scale and proportion. By using this technique, one can faithfully reproduce each item, with all details, regardless of its size and complexity. Work on the object begins with an analysis of source materials. These can be photographs, plans, sections, or view of the item in the form of digital art or freehand sketches. Then we generate a virtual 3D mesh representing the modeled object.

visualside | modelowanie obiektów


The next step in the process of creating 3D scenes is texturing of modeled components. This is a technique of layering materials on the component, which determine the color, texture, glossiness and other parameters responsible for the physical properties and the appearance of the surface of the component.

visualside | teksturowanie sceny


We illuminate modeled and textured components in a virtual scene. To reproduce the physical conditions corresponding to the natural ones, we place the virtual lights in the scene. Appropriate use of lighting allows us to get the impression of any time during a day or night as well as different weather conditions. Well composed illumination can bring out all shapes and textures of the models, as well as to create a desired atmosphere in the visualized scene.

visualside | oświetlanie sceny


Rendering is the process of analyzing a computer model of a designed scene and creating a two-dimensional image. Before calculation, we compose a digital space to insert virtual cameras, with properties consistent with their real counterparts. During the rendering a 2D image is formed, which can then be edited depending on its purpose.

visualside | rendering sceny


The final stage of work on the visualization of an image is post-production. The image obtained in the process of rendering is edited at this stage. It involves combining multiple images into one, color correction, cropping or other enhancing techniques. The end product is an image or a movie with the highest aesthetic values, which can be used in advertising or business investment.

visualside | postprodukcja obrazu


Animation allows us to create movies. Modeled components, cameras and other objects in the scene are animated in a certain way as to create a dynamic picture. Finally we obtain a motion picture that perfectly presents  to potential clients: architecture, interior design, products and all kind of processes.

visualside | animowanie