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Our mission

The mission of Visualside is to implement our client’s visions into a 3D space, and induce the desired emotional response. An attractive presentation of architecture, interiors and products has a beneficial effect on shaping the image of the company and significantly accelerates return on investment.

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We design accurate visual communications basing them on a marketing plan and strategic objectives of a project. By combining the skills of three design teams, we comprehensively execute tasks of the creative process. Starting from the analysis of the investment objectives and strategies, through the concept and design elements such as architecture, interiors and design components, our actions lead to a delivery of a clear and comprehensive message in the form of visualization or animation.

We approach our tasks in a creative way, paying particular attention to the precise mapping of space and artistic essence of projects. In collaboration with Espace architectural office, we provide interior design, building construction and land development projects in order to execute 3D renderings or animated images.

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The Team

Visu­al­side is formed by creative and innovative designers, experienced in 3D graphical presentations for architectural and design industry.

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We combine the aesthetic sense of the artist’s with the spirit of the space, design skills with technical knowladge. In order to obtain the best results, we place great emphasis on the process of post-production. We are looking for new knowledge, which allows us to extend our offer.

EBV Strategy and Design Group

Visualside is a part of the EBV Strategy and Design Group formed by the three specialist brands operating in various areas of design. Within the group, three teams may in synergy create comprehensive solutions, combining architectural and industrial design with brand identity design, supported by 3D visualizations and animations.

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The multifaced collaboration of the three companies offers the oportunity to create cohensive concepts, at the same time providing excellent control of tasks assigned and an uninterrupted flow of information. Within the group, Visualside’s activities are supported by knowledge and skills of designers from other specializations.

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